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Our vision is to make the world a better place to live in through the:

  • Smart utilization of raw materials in different fields of industry
  • Creation of unique ideas in advanced technologies
  • Performing the most novel projects
  • Import & Export of innovative products
  • What is our Mission?

    We aspire to create a more comfortable life for people and leave a lasting impression on the world by introducing and implementing advanced technologies through professional research and employment of the best methods & practices.

    Why Choose Us?

    The Perfect Fit

    Within Reach

    Our company is based in The Philippines, which makes us always accessible to cater to all of your needs.


    Our products are sourced from top notch producers to guarantee superior quality in the global markets.


    Our price sets us apart from our competitors while our quality is yet unmatched.


    Our services are guaranteed to be provided consistently and in a timely manner.


    Our team, with over 30 years of experience globally, understands the changing trends and demands in various industries & we are primed to provide the best services & solutions available anywhere on the market.

    Shipping & Logistics

    Our company has a solid global distribution network to ensure delivery fulfillment. We have strong capablities in air, sea & land freight. When you purchase products from us, we can have them delivered to you quickly & securely.

    Professional Fields Of Service


    In fields of Engineering, Medicine, Industrial Supplies, Paint & Resin, Transportation & Automotive, Household Goods, Textile, Optics, Polymer, Composite and Raw Materials


    Non-Renewable Energy (oil & Natural Gas, Oil Byproducts & Coal), Renewable Energy (Thermal & Heating Transfer, Water, Solar, Wind, Geothermal & Biomass)


    Civil Construction & Road Works, Architecture & Interior Design, Water & Enviroment, Mechanical, Electronics, Chemical, Computer Hardware & Software, Advanced Machinery & Materials.


    Aircraft Airframe & Engine Components, Aircraft Consumables & Expendables, Training, Ground Services Equipment, Asset Management, Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul.


    Including all kinds of Medical & Health Instruments, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics & Hygiene, Laboratory Equipment, Advanced Machinery & Materials.


    Water Treatment, Packaging, Facilities & Equipment, Advanced Machinery & Materials.

    Transforming the quality of lives by revolutionizing business solutions.

    Farhang Hakimzadeh

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